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ENGL 1311 - Composition I: Home

This guide identifies sources useful for completing assignments in Composition I.

Research Concepts

Understanding these concepts will help you succeed at UIW.

1.  How do I find books on my topic?

2.  How does a magazine differ from a journal?

3.  What does "peer-reviewed" mean?

4.  How are peer-reviewed articles structured?

5.  What is a database?

6. How do I find articles on my topic?

7.  How do I select keywords when I use a database?

8.  What are the differences between primary and secondary sources?

9.  Quoting directly or paraphrasing - what are the differences?

10.  How do I cite in MLA style?

11.  How do I locate articles with audio files?

Using the Library Remotely

Access to many UIW Libraries electronic resources is limited to current UIW users.  When searching our resources from off-campus, you may be asked to log in:

Cardinal Apps Login with link to larger screenshot

If you can log in to your e-mail or Canvas but cannot access library electronic resources, please contact the UIW Libraries Reference Desk: 210-829-3835, chat, or

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