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Copyright & Fair Use: Online Teaching : General

Media Librarian

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Farhad Moshiri
Library-Room 205
Media Collection, Music Collection, Copyright. Library liaison to Music Department.

General considerations

1.     Make sure the institution is an accredited non-profit educational institution.


2.     Make sure copyrighted materials posted to a Content or Learning Management System (CMS/LMS) such as Canvas can be accessed only by students officially enrolled in the class and only for the duration of the class. No visitors, no guests, etc. Notify students that copyrighted materials are used.


3.     Make your utmost effort to secure the materials posted on Canvas from being copied, printed, downloaded, saved or transferred to other locations for future use.


4.     Create a persistent link (permalink) to or embed an e-book, e-journal article, or a picture online (such as Artstor database), media materials on the Internet or in databases, etc. Do not download the content in Canvas (this is an act of copying). Linking and embedding are similar. In linking, you are taken to the material's location. In embedding, the material is taken to your location (Canvas, PowerPoint, etc.) In either case, you are not making a copy of the material. But downloading a material is an act of making a copy of the material that is against the copyright law unless you have the permission to do so.


5.   The Ephemeral Recording Privilege: Instructors can store materials to be posted on “Canvas” on a secure location such as a distant education server for future use.


6.     Mediated Instruction Activities (MIA): The use of copyrighted materials posted to Canvas must be controlled and supervised by the instructor analogous to the type of performance or display that would take place in a live classroom setting. In other words, all materials must be an integral part of the class experience. This excludes posting of supplementary materials or suggested readings, etc. It also limits the amount of the materials to what can be used in a live classroom setting. Materials created for the course may not be retained indefinitely for use and re-use, not even for the length of a semester. 

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