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Something to remember

Technologically possible does not always translate to legally permissible.


Myth: Resources available for free online or in physical formats are free of copyright.

This is false. Please see "Public Domain" , "Creative Commons", and "OER" (Open Educational Resources) tabs for more information.

A friendly note

Please be sure to use persistent links (permalinks) from the library subscribed journal articles or e-books in Canvas. Do not download (make a copy) documents directly into Canvas. Embed or use persistent links (permalinks) for streaming audio / video programs subscribed by UIW libraries or from the Internet (if you have permission to do so) in Canvas. Do not download (make a copy) videos directly into Canvas. Please see the details under Online Teaching tabs.

Media Librarian

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Farhad Moshiri
Library-Room 205
Media Collection, Music Collection, Copyright. Library liaison to Music Department.

Another friendly note

Do not use streaming video platforms such as Netflix*, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, Peacock, Paramount Plus, Apple TV, etc. with your personal account in class. This action is breaching the contract law (against the terms of use of these services you have agreed to.) Please see the Online teaching: Media Resources tab.

*Note: Netflix currently allows one-time per semester screening of a selection of its original productions by faculty in a non-for-profit educational institution with a faculty/student personal account login in class. For more information and search for available films please click here.

Something else to remember

Change of format without permission is illegal. You are allowed to change the format of a print document or a video only for a very small portion of the whole for online teaching. You are not allowed to change the format of the whole book or video. Please see the Online teaching tabs.


This guide has been created to answer frequently asked questions by the faculty and students about copyright law and what is allowed in using copyrighted materials without asking for permission from copyright holders. This guide should not be considered as a definitive answer to these questions. Faculty and students who do not find answers to their questions in this guide or from the library staff should contact the university attorney.

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