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Biochemistry Resources: Interlibrary Loan

When we don't have it

You can still get it!!!

First, make sure we don't already have it:

If not, request it from another library:

Use the "Request document via Interlibrary Loan" button from the library catalog; it transfers all of the information needed for your request into the Interlibrary Loan request form.

Your Interlibrary Loan requests will be sent to other institutions that own the material. The lending institution will typically scan & email articles within 2-5 business days.

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Walter Gilbert

Walter GilbertWalter Gibert (Mar. 21, 1932 - ). American biochemist, awarded the 1980 Nobel Prize in Chemistry—along with Paul Berg and Walter Gilbert—for research in nucleic acids, especially recombinant DNA (Image source:
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