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APA Style (7th ed.): Media


Film (DVD/Blu-Ray/Streaming)

Director, A. A. (Director). (Year). Title of video [Film]. Production Company.

Guggenheim, D. (Director). (2006). An inconvenient truth [Film]. Lawrence Bender Productions; Participant Productions.


Films on Demand (no identifiable director)

My brain and I [Film]. (2012). ORF.



Photographer, A. A. (copyright year). Title of photograph [Photograph]. Website. http://xxxxx

Zemlianichenko, A. (1997). Russian President Boris Yeltsin dancing at a rock concert [Photograph]. The Pulitzer Prizes.



Author, A. A. [username]. (Year, Month Day). Title of video [Video]. Website. http://xxxxx


Jones, P. [patrickJMT]. (2009, October 24). Easily memorize the unit circle [Video]. YouTube.

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