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Interlibrary Loan: Request Status

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Click on Outstanding Requests 
to view the status of your requests.

 The sections you will likely use the most are:

Request Status Decoder

Awaiting Conditional Processing

A potential lender has a question or information about your request. We will respond to the potential lender.

Awaiting Copyright Clearance
Your request must be reviewed to determine if we are automatically granted copyright clearance, or if fees need to be paid. If you are an administrator, faculty, staff, doctoral or graduate student, these fees will be paid for by the UIW library. Requests cannot be paid for if the customer is an undergraduate student unless they and the ILL Department have specific permission from that student's subject liaison.

Awaiting Customer Contact
Your material has arrived and is almost ready! The ILL Department has a few more steps before they can email you. This process is usually completed very quickly.

Awaiting Post Receipt Processing
Your item has been received by the ILL Department and we will soon begin processing your material for pickup.

Awaiting Unfilled Processing
Your material was sent to potential lenders, but none were able to fill your request. We will continue to try other libraries (up to 15).

Awaiting User Clearance
Your material has arrived, but we cannot process it for your retrieval until your account is cleared. The most common reason for a blocked account is an extremely overdue item that is still checked out to you. Once you return your overdue items, your account will be cleared, and we can get this material ready for you to pick up.

Cancelled by Customer
The customer has cancelled this request and no longer needs the item.

Cancelled by ILL Staff
Sometimes the ILL Department will cancel a request. Reasons for this could be issues with obtaining copyright permission, poor citations/not enough information, or that the information for the item cannot be found in OCLC (Online Computer Library Center). You should receive an email explaining the reason why your request was cancelled. Feel free to contact the ILL Department at 210-832-2171 or for further clarification if needed.

Checked Out to Customer
This item is currently checked out to you. The due date is listed on your ILLiad account.

Delivered to Web
Your article request has been posted to your ILLiad account under "Electronically Received Articles." You must view, download, and/or print this document within 30 days before it expires automatically.

Request Finished
The request process has been completed. Requests with this status are archived under "Completed Requests," should you need to reference your citation.

Request Sent
We have processed your request and sent it to potential lending libraries.

(Thanks to University of Oregon Libraries for compiling this list at

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