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Interlibrary Loan: Article Requests

Average Turnaround Time for Articles

On average, it takes approximately 1.4 days from the time you submit your request until it is in process.

Processing takes an average of 35 minutes.

Once the request is sent, it takes an average of about 2.3 days before we receive the article.

Once received, it takes another 13 hours on average until you are notified and the article is delivered to you.

The average turnaround time for an article is about 4.3 days.

Article Requests

Title refers to the journal title, not the article title.

Volume & Issue Number are important to the lending library, especially if you do not know the month of publication.

The year published is required to submit your request, as are the inclusive page numbers. Sometimes you are not given an end page, but most citations will include the page the article starts on. You can notate this by using the abbreviation "eoa," or end of article, like so:

The ISSN is not a requirement, but your request will be processed faster if you include this number.

You are not required to give us a Call Number for the journal. (This does not refer to your contact telephone number.)

The OCLC number is optional, but if you find your item through WorldCat it is easy to locate the OCLC number, and this can speed up the ILL process.

The Article Author and Article Title are the most important pieces of information you can provide in your request. Make sure you double-check your spelling.

Not Wanted After Date is a field where you can specify the absolute last day this article would be helpful to you. If you have a research paper due on October 30th, for instance, you would probably put your Not Wanted After Date as October 23rd (1 week before) because it will not be helpful to you to receive this article the night before. In most cases, you will receive your article well before your deadline.

Will you accept this article in a language other than English?  If you select "Yes," and we find the original article in another language, we will send it to you without asking you first. If you select "No," we will attempt to find the article in English and ask if you will accept it in another language if that is the only version we can find.

Leave the Account Number field blank.

The Notes section is where you can give me any information that will make your request clearer to ensure you get exactly what you want. You can put, "This article is in Chinese and I read Chinese," or, "UIW is supposed to have access, but I can't find it," etc.

Where did you find this item cited? If you used one of our databases, Academic Search Complete for example, type that in. It will be easier to process your request knowing where you got your information.

Receiving Articles

Most articles are delivered electronically to your ILLiad account. When an article has been uploaded to your account, you will receive an e-mail notification.

Log in to your ILLiad account and under View click Electronically Received Articles.

All available articles will be listed. You can download the PDFs by clicking on the View button shown after each article transaction number.

Articles will remain on your ILLiad account for 30 days, after which they are automatically deleted. Make sure to save or print your article!

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