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Pharmacy Applied Development Skills (PADS): Home

Discussion Topics

Each group of 4-6 students will choose a topic from this list or discuss and have another topic approved by the course coordinators.

Available topics to choose from include:

  1. Medicare Part D and Patient Care
  2. Immunizations in an Atmosphere of the Anti-Vaccination Movement
  3. Pharmacist Prescriptive Authority for Hormonal Contraceptives
  4. The Right of the Pharmacist to Refuse Care to a Patient
  5. Community Health Clinics in Pharmacies
  6. The Pharmacist's Role in Public Health Services
  7. Other-Convince Your Course Coordinators

The topic discussions must include information from at least 3 peer-reviewed resources.  Additional information is included on the Using Professional Literature tab.

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Starting Points

While the resources listed here can get your research started, you should use additional relevant resources that you find,  And just a reminder: suggested resources may be relevant for more than one topic, so scan the list. 

Note that your assignment does require the use of peer-reviewed resources.  The tab "Using Professional Literature as a Resource" offers more complete information for you.

1. Medicare Topic:

2. Immunization

       Kaiser Family Foundation

3. Contraception

        Kaiser Family Foundation

        NICHD - Women's Health

        Guttmacher Institute

        US Pharmacist

4. Right to Refuse

        Pharmacist Conscience Clauses [note the date of this resource; you should check specific state laws for the most up to date information]

       Guttmacher Institute: Refusing to Provide Health Services

5. Community Health Clinics: Should local pharmacies include community health clinics?

       National Association of Community Drug Stores (NACDS)

       American Pharmacists Association (

6. Role of the Pharmacist in Public Health

      Pharmacy Contributions to Improved Population Health: Expanding the Public Health Roundtable (CDC)

      The Role of the Pharmacist in Public Health (APHA)


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