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Pharmacy Brochure

This assignment will be completed in your same group of 6 formed for your class presentation.  The topic must be selected by all members of the group and all members must contribute to the project.  You are encouraged to be creative with the brochure, but make sure it is informative and would be helpful for a patient seeking guidance on your topic.  No copying and pasting--original work only.  The rubric for this project details how you can earn points.

Your brochure can be a bi-fold or a tri-fold, depending on how you would like to organize your information.  The examples in Canvas provide a format to give you an idea.  Microsoft Word includes an assortment of brochure templates; however, you may use whatever you would like. 

Please have your group select one of the topics below and let one of the course faculty know via email as soon as you have selected your topic

1. Childhood vaccinations

2. Vaccinations in older adults (65+)

3. Diabetes medications

4. Hypertension medications

5. Medication safety in the home

6. How to save money at the pharmacy

7. Using over-the-counter medications or herbal medications and what you should discuss with your pharmacist

8. Smoking cessation

9. Safe use of over-the-counter medications in senior patients (65+)

Patient Information: selected links.  Thses are NOT the only sites to use for this project, but remember that any sites you use should be un-biased and provided by a safe and reliable source.



National Institute on Aging (note the list of health topics)

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Discussion Topics

Each group of 4-6 students will choose a topic from this list or discuss and have another topic approved by the course coordinators.

Available topics to choose from include:

  1. Medicare Part D and Patient Care
  2. Immunizations in an Atmosphere of the Anti-Vaccination Movement
  3. Pharmacist Prescriptive Authority for Hormonal Contraceptives
  4. The Right of the Pharmacist to Refuse Care to a Patient
  5. Community Health Clinics in Pharmacies
  6. The Pharmacist's Role in Public Health Services
  7. The impact of COVID-19 on the role of the pharmacist.
  8. Drug shortages
  9. The use of weight loss medications.
  10. Applications of AI to pharmacy.
  11. Other-Convince Your Course Coordinators

The topic discussions must include information from at least 3 peer-reviewed resources.  Additional information is included on the Using Professional Literature tab.

Resources for Your Group Topics

T1. Medicare Topic:

2. Immunization

3. Contraception: Should Pharmacists Have Prescriptive Authority

4. Right to Refuse

5. Community Health Clinics: Should local pharmacies include community health clinics?

6. Role of the Pharmacist in Public Health

7,  The Impact of COVID on the role of the pharmacist.

8.  Drug shortages

9.  The use of weight loss medications.

10.  Applications of AI to pharmacy.

11.  Other - Convince Your Course Coordinators


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