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Resources for Residents/Fellows: Home

A collection of resources for Residents/Fellows at UIW


This resource guide is intended for easy access to library resources for the residents at UIWSOM. You'll find key databases, links to important pages through UIW, as well as library hours and contact information.

LWW Clerkship Collection

Additional Resources

Staff and Location


Circulation/Reference: 210-619-7038

Marco Duenez | 210-619-7038
Library Assistant – Weekend
Dawn Field | 210-283-6971
Medical Informatics Librarian
Amanda Magana | 210-619-7038
Library Assistant
Yumi Yaguchi | 210-619-7039
Director of Library Services


UIW School of Osteopathic Medicine Library


Point-of-care evidence-based medicine resources

Helpful Websites

BMJ Case Reports Institutional Fellowships

BMJ Case Reports has a unique business model whereby users (whether authors and/or readers) become Fellows. Through the Institutional Fellowships, BMJ Case Reports gives faculty, staff and students within the institution the freedom to submit as many cases as they like as well as access to all the published material. UIW Libraries maintains the Institutional Fellowship. Ask SOM Library for more details.


Staff LADR
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