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Careers for Liberal Arts Majors: The Value of a BA in the Liberal Arts

This guide has been created to help liberal arts majors in their job searches.

About This Section

Included in this section are articles on the value of a degree in English, the humanities, or the liberal arts. 

Scholarly Journal Articles

"So Much More Than Salary: Outcomes Research in the Liberal Arts." New Directions for Institutional Research, vol. 2016, no. 169, Sept. 2016, pp. 51-60.
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Magazine Articles

Bradburn, Norman M., and Robert B. Townsend. "Use Data to Make a Strong Case for the Humanities." Chronicle of Higher Education, vol. 63, no. 15, 2 Dec. 2016, p. A25.
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Stoller-Lindsey, Nina. "Here's Why We're Underestimating the Value of English Majors." Forbes (online ed.) 26 July  2017.

Blog and Web Site Articles

"Liberal Arts & Humanities." College Consensus, 2019.
Karch, Anna. "In Defense of Majoring in English." Her Campus, 29 January 2020.

Wlodarski, Jonathan.  "What Can You Do with an English Degree?" Best Colleges, 22 Nov. 2019.

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