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Careers for Liberal Arts Majors: Home

This guide has been created to help liberal arts majors in their job searches.

Why This Guide Has Been Created

As a liberal arts major, you might have dealt with questions or statements like these:
"What will you do with the degree?"
"Aren't you wasting your time and money?"
"The liberal arts have no relevance in the 21st century."
This guide provides links to articles, web sites, etc. that explore three areas:
  • The value of a degree in the liberal arts
  • What Executives/Hiring Managers have to say about employing liberal arts majors
  • Job opportunities/possibilities for liberal arts majors

Accessing Materials in This Guide

Some of items in this guide have been taken from the library's databases.  If you use this guide off-campus, you will be asked
to log in to the library's resources via EZproxy.

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