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ENGL 1312 - Composition II: Using the Accounts Feature in EBSCOhost Databases

This guide introduces users to resources and tools useful for successful completion of course assignments.

Create an EBSCOhost Account

The library's EBSCOhost databases allow users to create accounts.  This tutorial shows you how to create an account.

Why Create an Account?

An EBSCOhost account allows users to do the following:
  • Save articles in a secure location
  • Create folders for every research project 
  • Save searches that are particularly useful; saved searches can be rerun at a later date to retrieve newer articles

Saving Your Searches

This tutorial shows you how to save your searches in your EBSCOhost account.

Saving Your Search Results

This tutorial show you how to save search results to your EBSCOhost account folder.  It also shows you how to set up
different folders within your EBSCOhost account.  Items stay in your folders until you delete them.
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