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NURS 4445: Find Articles

Med Surg Nursing

Select Scholarly Databases

Quick Search Tips

Remember that each database will use a thesaurus for subject terms.  Using the assigned subject terms will allow for better search results.

You can find a CINAHL Subject Headings link on the top toolbar of the CINAHL search environment.

If you are having trouble finding articles on your topic, type in your keyword to see if there is a suggested synonymous term.  Some terms are easy to guess upon.  For instance, the CINAHL Thesaurus will recommend that you use "hypertension" instead of "high blood pressure" or "myocardial infarction" instead of "heart attack" or "neoplasms" instead of "cancer".

Some terms can be a little tricky to guess upon so take advantage of this tool.

The PubMed Database also maintains a thesaurus of subject terms.  It is referred to as MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) and is possibly the most widely used thesaurus in the medical field. 

To locate the MeSH subject heading list, click on the PubMed database link and then click on the pull down arrow just adjacent to the PubMed Database label on the opening page.

Here's an example:  MeSH recommends that you use "Epistaxis" instead of "nose bleed

If you are still having trouble with identifying the proper search terms for your assignment, please remember to contact me, Dell Davis or any UIW librarian.


Recognizing Scholarly Information

Scholarly Information is:

  • Written by Academics and Researchers (Expert Authorities).
    • Names and Afflilations are included
    • Credentials are provided
    • Credentials are relevant to information
  • Research/Scholarship is peer reviewed by experts in that field of research.
  • Published in academic, professional, scholarly journals.
  • Audience are scholars, professionals, and students in that specific field. 
  • Sources are cited; sources are scholarly.

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan is a service to request books and articles from libraries around the country. You can get started and fill out requests on ILLiad using your UIW computer/Blackboard login.

Scholarly Article

What does a scholarly article look like?  Explore this easy-to-understand guide, Anatomy of a Scholarly Article.  Click on the colored boxes to learn about the components you are likely to find in scholarly, peer-reviewed articles.

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