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Permalinks - Why to Use Them and How to Create Them: Cambridge Core

Use this guide to learn how to create permalinks to library content.

Creating Permalinks in Cambridge Core

The Cambridge Core database contains ebooks as well as journal articles.  An entire book can be linked to in Blackboard or specific chapters.  The process for creating permalinks for books, book chapters, and journals is the same.

1.  Locate the item you want to link to and click the title link.


Cambridge Core Book Title Link Screenshot


2.  Locate the Cambridge Core stable link and copy it.


Cambridge Core Stable Link Screenshot


3.  Add the library's proxy URL to the front of the stable link -  - before you

     copy and paste the URL into your Canvas site.  The proxy URL allows users to access this material off campus. 

     The URL will look like this:

Staff LADR