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DWHP 3200 - Fall 2024: The Research Process

Your Assignment

Some of your writing assignments may require the use of library resources (books, journal/magazine articles, newspaper
articles, audiovisual materials, databases, etc.)

The Research Process

Research process infographic

1.  Identify a topic

  • Choose a topic that interests you
  • TOPICsearch database can provide ideas
  • Credo Reference database provides broad topic categories on its home page

2.  Gather background information

3.  Create a research question

  • This is the question or problem your thesis statement will address

4.  Find and evaluate sources

  • Use the book catalog to identify print and electronic books
  • Use databases to locate articles on your topic
    • Do the articles meet criteria set by your instructor?  (peer-reviewed, no older than 10 years, etc.)

5.  Write the paper

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