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OPT 7219 - Aitsebaomo - Spring 2024: Home

Professional Optometric Practice III

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Welcome to your Course Guide for OPT 7219 -  Professional Optometric Practice III

OPT 7219 Professional Optometric Practice III (2 Credits)
Prerequisites – OPT 5219, 5129

Two hours of lecture per week. Strategies in the development of an effective and profitable contemporary practice of optometry while providing the highest level of care to patients. Emphasis will be placed on private practice planning and research leading to new practice locations or opening a new practice. Developing business plans. Preparing a loan proposal. Marketing and research for potential practice locations. Marking plans. Contract negotiations. Budget development and management. Financial control systems. Understanding and using financial statements in developing a practice and managing the financial aspect of a practice. Employment planning and human resource utilization. Job interviewing and labor laws. Compensation and benefit packages. Preparing job descriptions. Employee contracts and employment arrangements. Practice modalities and types of practice arrangements. Earnings potential with various practice modalities.

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