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Careers for STEM Majors: The Job Search

This guide has been created to help you identify career opportunities with a STEM degree.

The Ultimate Job Hunting Book

"From crafting the perfect CV and finding the job of your dreams, to writing a great cover letter and winning at interview, The Ultimate Job Hunting Book is a dynamic collection of tools, techniques, and strategies for success. Short, punchy chapters mean you can read up quickly and start applying what you've learned immediately."

The Ultimate Job Hunting Book

Purdue OWL and Other Resources

You have probably used the Purdue OWL's guides when writing papers.  Their Job Search Writing link (on the left side of the page) has information on writing resumes and
cover letters, creating a video resume, sample resumes, and more. 
Libraries, both public and academic, have books on resume writing.  If you want to purchase books, Amazon lists more than 10,000 results when using the keyword "resume."
Tip:  Allow others to proofread/edit your resume and cover letter(s).  You want to put your best foot forward - spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors are noticed by
recruiters and members of job search committees.

Letters of Reference

Ask professors or employers to write letters of reference for you.  Many employers expect three to four letters of reference.


Tip:  Thank those who write letters of reference for you.  A courtesy is being extended to you and deserves a thank you.

UIW Career Services and Job Fairs

Visit UIW's Career Services, officed in the Writing & Learning Center, for assistance with resumes, cover letters, and more.
Attend Job Fairs held at UIW and elsewhere.  Take multiple copies of your resume with you.

Were You Selected for an Interview?

If you are selected for an interview be prepared:
  • Review the web site of the company/organization and learn as much as you can about them, their history, their mission statement, etc. 
  • Bring copies of your resume with you
  • Dress appropriately
  • Turn your phone off
  • Send a thank you note promptly to the interviewer or chairperson of the hiring committee

Interview Attire

A good rule of thumb:  Err on the conservative side. 

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