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Communication Arts: The Research Process

This guide introduces students to resources they will use in their Communication Arts classes.

Your Assignment

Some of your writing assignments may require the use of library resources (books, journal/magazine articles, newspaper
articles, audiovisual materials, databases, etc.)

The Research Process

Research process infographic

1.  Identify a topic

  • Choose a topic that interests you
  • TOPICsearch database can provide ideas
  • Credo Reference database provides broad topic categories on its home page

2.  Gather background information

3.  Create a research question

  • This is the question or problem your thesis statement will address

4.  Find and evaluate sources

  • Use the book catalog to identify print and electronic books
  • Use databases to locate articles on your topic
    • Do the articles meet criteria set by your instructor?  (peer-reviewed, no older than 10 years, etc.)

5.  Write the paper

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