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Fashion Management: Books

This guide identifies resources needed for projects in fashion merchandising courses.

Fall 2020

Due to a long-term project, the library's book collection is closed for student use/browsing.  The Request feature in our book catalog has been activated for you.  See the box on this page for instructions on using the service.


The library has print and electronic books that will be useful for your assignments.  Use the Books + tab in the Search Collections box on the library's web page to
identify books the library owns.  This PDF provides step-by-step instructions.

Books - Requesting Holds

Students can request books be pulled from the shelf and placed on the hold shelf.  This is done through the account feature of the book catalog.  Each request generates an immediate "to do" notice for our circulation supervisors.  Requests are filled within 24 hours (usually more quickly) during the library's hours of operation.

1.  When you have identified books you want pulled and placed on hold, log into the system using the Sign In link at the top right.


Screenshot of Alma log-in link



2.  Sign in using the user name and password used for your e-mail.


Sign in screen for UIW Cardinal apps



3.  Click the title link of the book you want placed on the hold shelf.

  Sreenshot of catalog search result


4.  Click the blue Request link in the REQUEST OPTIONS area.


Screenshot of the Alma Request link


5.  Select your Pickup Location and select a date for Not Needed After ; click REQUEST.


Screenshot of Alma Request options box


Your request(s) will enter the work queue of the circulation staff.

Using the Browse Feature in the Book Catalog

The book catalog includes a browse feature.  Follow these steps to access it.

When you find a title that interests you, click the title link for the book.

Screenshot of book catalog search results with a title highlighted


The complete record for the book appears.  Scroll to the bottom of the screen.

Screenshot of a complete record in the book catalog


The Virtual Browse feature allows you to see your book (in the middle of the section) and the books that lie on either side of it.  Use the forward and back arrows to view additional items.


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