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3D Animation & Game Design: Databases

This guide provides information on the types of resources available on 3D Animation and Game Design.


Database Search Tips

  • Library databases work with concepts, not questions. 
    • Your research question might be:  How do video games influence behavior?
    • There are two concepts to this question - video games and behavior
    • Enter each concept in a separate search box
  • Enclose a phrase in quotation marks - "video games"
  • To search for all versions of a word, end a word with an asterisk (*)
    • behavior*
      • behavior, behaviors, behavioral, etc. will be retrieved
  • Some words need to have the final letter removed
    • Vote would be entered vot*
      • vote, voted, votes, voting, voter, voters, etc. will be retrieved


Screenshot of a sample search strategy in the Academic Search Complete database

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