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Name Source Notes License
Managing Long-Term Care Services for Aging Populations Johns Hopkins An online course module by Paul Willging, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.  "This course will consider long-term service delivery programs designed to meet the special needs of seniors.  It will review care and service systems from the unique perspective of an aging population, including the physiological and psychological changes common among seniors."  BY-NC-SA
Health Issues for Aging Populations Johns Hopkins An online course module by Lynda Burton and Bruce Leff, Johns Hopkins Dept. of Health Policy and Management. 2007. "Introduces the study of aging, its implications for individuals, families and society, and the background for health policy related to older persons. Presents an overview on aging from different perspectives: demography, biology, epidemiology of disease, physical and mental disorders, functional capacity and disability, health services, federal and state health policies, social aspects of aging and ethical issues in the care of older individuals."   BY-NC-SA
Life Course Perspectives on Health Johns Hopkins An online course module by Robert Blum and M. E. Houghes, Johns Hopkins Dept. of Population, Family and Reproductive Health. 2011. "Teaches students to frame public health issues using a life course perspective.  Introduces and examines basic principles of human development across the life span, from the prenatal period through senescence, and the idea that health outcomes reflect developmental processes.  Provides a conceptual framework with which to understand the interrelationships among biological, psychological and social factors and their influence on development and health.  Also illustrates the application of this perspective to gain a critical understanding of public health issues. " BY-NC-SA
Health Across the Life Span: Frameworks, Contexts, and Measurements Johns Hopkins An online course module by Henry Mosley and Kristin Mmari, Johns Hopkins Population, Family, and Reproductive Health. 2006. "Introduces and examines the basic principles which guide growth and development and the health of individuals across the lifespan, from the prenatal period through senescence.  Presents methodological, conceptual and substantive issue necessary for understanding and evaluating empirically based information about growth, development and health at different stages of life and from different academic perspectives.  Course covers several themes, including contributions of biological and environmental factors to health and human development, measuring the health of individuals in communities, understanding determinants and consequences o health and development across the lifespan, measuring population health and assessing the implications of health disparities.  BY-NC-SA
Ethical Issues in Public Health Johns Hopkins An online course module by Ruth Faden, Johns Hopkins Health Policy and Management. 2006. "Lectures and small group discussions focus on ethical theory and current ethical issues in public health and health policy, including resource allocation, the use of summary measures of health, the right to health care, and conflicts between autonomy and health promotion efforts.  Student evaluation based on class participation, a group project and paper evaluating ethical issues in the student's area of public health specialization."  BY-NC-SA
Methods of Policy Analysis MIT An online course module by Cherie Miot Abbanat, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 2016. "This course provides an introduction to public policy analysis. It is designed for students who may be planning a career in public or non-profit sectors. The primary goal is to help students understand the implications of public policy for different pursuits. The class examines various approaches to policy analysis by considering the concepts, tools, and methods used in economics, political science, and other disciplines. Students apply and critique these approaches through case studies of current public policy problems." BY-NC-SA


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