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Name Source Notes License
Managing Long-Term Care Services for Aging Populations Johns Hopkins An online course module by Paul Willging, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.  "This course will consider long-term service delivery programs designed to meet the special needs of seniors.  It will review care and service systems from the unique perspective of an aging population, including the physiological and psychological changes common among seniors."  BY-NC-SA
Statistical Methods for Sample Surveys Johns Hopkins An online course module by Saifuddin Ahmed, Johns Hopkins Dept. of Biostatistics. 2009. "

Presents construction of sampling frames, area sampling, methods of estimation, stratified sampling, subsampling, and sampling methods for surveys of human populations. Students use STATA or another comparable package to implement designs and analyses of survey data."

Musculoskeletal Pathophysiology MIT An online course module by Dwight R. Robinson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 2006 "This course covers the growth, development and structure of normal bone and joints, the biomechanics of bone connective tissues, and their response to stress, calcium and phosphate homeostasis. Additional topics include regulation by parathyroid hormone and vitamin D, the pathogenesis of metabolic bone diseases and diseases of connective tissues, joints and muscle with consideration of possible mechanisms and underlying metabolic derangements." BY-NC-SA
Anatomy of Gait UBC An interactive website module which is part of the larger Clinical Anatomy website from The University of British Columbia.  Sections include the Anatomy of Gait and the Components of Gait.  There are illustrations as well as videos showing, for example, lateral translation pelvic movement.   BY-NC-SA


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