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ORCiD and You: ORCiD

What is ORCiD?

ORCiDs (Open Researcher and Contributor Identifier) are unique and persistent ID's that are used by researchers, scholars, and innovators to identify their research and academic work.  Let's face it, your name is not necessarily the unique identifier that you may need it to be when applying for grants and seeking funding from agencies and organizations.  The beauty of ORCiD is that ORCiDs are unique to you and can be included in all postings of your work and distinguish you by negating the issues of different forms and spellings of your name and help to distinguish you from another researcher with a similar name. 

The Value of Using ORCiD

ORCiD has already been integrated into the workflows of many publishers, funding agencies, repositories, and research organizations and enables pushing updated citations to your profile a much less burdensome task.  Learn how to optimize the interconnectivity of your ORCiD as your ORCiD profile is "portable" and can go where you go throughout your career.

What's in a Name?

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The FAQ has answers to specific questions about ORCiD and how it works.  Check the link for more information.

Quick Tour of the ORCiD Record

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