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AMA Style-Citation and Style Guide Help: AMA Style

This guide provides AMA Style resources

AMA Manual of Style

AMA Manual of Style Book Cover

The American Medical Association Manual of Style provides editorial support to the medical and scientific publishing community and contains everything medical researchers, and writers need to produce well-organized manuscripts.  

AMA Style Guidelines

Tips for creating your Reference List

  • References should be listed in numerical order at the end of the manuscript.  Two references should not be combined under a single reference number. 
  • References should be numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals in the order in which they are cited in the text. 
  • Arabic superscript numerals are placed outside periods and commas but inside colons and semicolons.
  • Author names are listed in the order they appear in the source.  
  • Use the author's surname followed by initials without periods or spaces. In listed references, the names of all authors should be given unless there are more than 6, in which case the names of the first 3 authors are used, followed by “et al.” Do not use and between names.  
  • Abbreviate and italicize names of journals. Abbreviate according to the listing in the PubMed Journals database.  See for more information.
  • In article titles, capitalize only the first letter of the first word, proper names, and abbreviations that are ordinarily capitalized.  

Tips taken from the AMA Manual of Style, 10th edition.  Access the AMA Manual of Style online for additional guidelines.  

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