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COMM 3317 - Garcia - Fall 2023: Home

Popular Sources

Magazines are considered popular resources.  They usually have the following characteristics:
  • Written for a general audience
  • Contain lots of color - photographs, drawings, charts, graphs, maps
  • Contain advertisements
  • Written by a staff of writers or freelance writers







Scholarly Sources

Books in the UIW library are considered scholarly sources.
Journals are considered scholarly sources.  They usually have the following characteristics:
  • Written for a highly educated audience
  • Articles are written by subject matter experts and may be peer-reviewed*
  • Illustrative matter tends to be charts, graphs, tables
  • Articles include bibliographies (also known as references, sources, works cited)
  • Few or no advertisements


* Article manuscripts are read and reviewed by members of an editorial board who determine whether or not the article is suitable for publication.  See the following tab Peer Review Process for more information. 

Structure of a Scholarly Article

Peer-reviewed articles generally have distinctive parts.  You may not be able to understand an entire scholarly article.  The
author abstract, the introduction, the results, and the conclusion may be all you need for your paper. 
Explore this infographic developed by the North Carolina State University Libraries:
Staff LADR