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BLW 3317 - Bell - Summer II 2022: Home

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Welcome to your Course Assignment Guide for BLW 3317 - Legal Aspects of Business.

We've worked with your instructor in developing this guide to best help you with your research assignment.

Please use the tabs above to navigate through the guide. Ask your librarian for research help.

All Library Hours

Some UIW Libraries have restrictions on who can use their library. Check the webpage for the library you wish to visit for more information. Mabee Library on Broadway Campus is available to all UIW students.


Research Paper Guidelines and Topics

You are to choose a topic from those presented and give me a paper of a minimum of 5 pages and a maximum of 7 pages (not including your cover page or reference page). You need at least 5 references in addition to your text.  The paper and the references are to be in APA format and I have posted helpful information in the announcements.  In week two you need to tell me which of the topics you are researching and in week 4 you need to post your outline for your paper and the outline needs to be in an acceptable outline format.  Make sure that you understand what plagiarism is and understand that it will not be tolerated. If you plagiarize your paper you will at least fail the paper and possibly the course.

Age Discrimination. Discuss how the law of age discrimination came about and discuss the recent case law on the subject. Discuss the type of discrimination against seniors in the workplace.

Employment Discrimination. Research and discuss the history and the development of the employment discrimination laws.

Laws against Racial Discrimination. Overview the history of racial discrimination and the laws against it.

Sexual Harassment Law. How did the laws against sexual harassment come about and are they effective? What is the current status of sexual harassment law in the U.S.

Contract Law. What are the effects of a breach of contract in business and take a look at the case of Sondra Locke v. Warner Brothers and discuss the basis for that suit and the impact on the industry.

Whistle Blowing Culture. What are whistle blower laws and what is the history of their development? Are they effective?

Marijuana Laws. Now that many states are legalizing marijuana for recreational use, how will the Federal Government react? What is the history of legalization of Marijuana on the state levels and why is there a difference in State and Federal law and enforcement.


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