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OPT 323 - Rabin - Spring 2022: Find Articles

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Scholarly Resources

Books in the UIW library are considered scholarly resources. 

Journals are considered scholarly resources.  Other terms used to describe journals are academic, peer-reviewed, or refereed.  Journals share the following characteristics:

   Published for a highly educated audience

   Articles are written by subject matter experts and may be peer-reviewed*

   Illustrations tend to be charts, graphs, tables

   Articles include bibliographies (works cited pages)

   Few or no advertisements

* Article manuscripts are read and reviewed by members of an editorial board who determine whether or not the article is suitable for publication.  See the following tab Peer Review Process for more information. 

Types of Articles

Research: Contains original research and authors credentials and work institutions are usually noted. The article usually has headers for Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Acknowledgements, References, and may also include graphs, charts and pictures.

Review: Examines others’ research/writing. Will share methods of obtaining information reviewed, criteria used to discern analysis, and will attempt to draw broader conclusions or identify trends.

Informational/Opinion: Usually pertain to the workings of a profession, but are not scholarly.

There is plenty of information online you may use as background information to further your knowledge, but you want to use sound science for your research needs.

Remember to evaluate: Journal, level of evidence, references used in the articles you choose.


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