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HSCI 4330 - Kiser - Summer II 2022: Home

Teaching & Learning Liaison Librarian


Welcome to your Course Assignment Guide for HSCI 4330.

We've worked with your instructor in developing this guide to best help you with your research assignment.

Please use the tabs above to navigate through the guide.


  • Use the Find Articles tab so you can find the scholarly journal articles in databases. It is important to look in UIW resources so you do not hit a paywall and to ensure you are getting properly vetted academic articles.
  • Use the Writing & Citing tab for info on APA resources and RefWorks. RefWorks enables you to share folders, which will be very helpful for your group project!
  • If you need help, email me or use the Consultation tab. We can message or schedule a Zoom session, individually or in groups.


Group Project Assignment in Stages:

1. Select a Broad Category for your topic.

2. Researchable Question: A clear statement of your specific researchable question, including why you thought the question was worth asking (and answering).

3. Annotated Bibliography:  Begin searching the academic literature as a group. Each of the group members individually identify 3-4 articles, and then bring those together for you as a group to parse out.  Select the 8-10 of the bunch which seem to assist you the most in answering your question, and then distill those into the annotated bibliography you will collectively submit.  Select a study approach as you search.

4. Final Paper: As the medical literature permits, provide the best answer to the specific researchable question you identified in the second week including what study approach you would use.  Explain how the information in the literature led you to this answer.

  • An identification of the information gaps that exist in the literature—either those which kept you from fully answering your question, or additional unknowns that impinge against your question, and
  • In general terms, how you would craft a study to help answer any of those unknowns, to include what study design you would use and why.

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