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DBA 8315 - Garza - Summer 2022: Home

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Welcome to your Course Assignment Guide for DBA 8315 - Qualitative Research.

We've worked with your instructor in developing this guide to best help you with your assignments for this class.

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Qualitative Research (3 parts + Presentation (10 each%) = 40%)

Each team will propose a research project that will meet the needs of the course. Teams will have the opportunity to collect data and make sense of that data.
As part of this project, students will be required to conduct:
(1) 2 one-hour interviews,
(2) one hour of observation, and
(3) at least one type of archival data.

You must include detail and  justification on the use of the data collection methods (how they were use

Part 1: Research Introduction

Part 2: Literature Review/Methodology

Part 3: Research Design/Findings/Discussion


Research Article Analysis & Critique (25%)

  • Phenomenology
  • Ethnography
  • Grounded Theory
  • Case Study


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