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ADED 7381/6381 - Brown - Fall 2023: Home

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Welcome to your Course Assignment Guide for ADED 7381/6381 - Adult Learning & Development.

We've worked with your instructor in developing this guide to best help you with your research assignment.

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Adult Learning and Development Theory Critique Assignment

Adult Learning and Development Theory Critique

Read at least two peer-reviewed academic articles about two different adult learning or adult development theories (historical or contemporary). Be sure to highlight the theoretical framework the author(s) uses in the study. Recommended journals include Adult Learning, Adult Education Quarterly, New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education, Dialogues in Social Justice: An Adult Education Journal, Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement, and the Journal of Transformative Education, to name a few. You may also choose a peer-reviewed journal in your profession that is focused on adult learning and development. Be sure to compare and contrast the theoretical frameworks used in the articles and assess what factors informed the authors’ selection of a particular theory to support their study. The written paper will have a 1200-word count limit (double-spaced and should include a cover page per the instructor’s direction). It must be formatted using APA 7th edition stylistics.

All Library Hours

Some UIW Libraries have restrictions on who can use their library. Check the webpage for the library you wish to visit for more information. Mabee Library on Broadway Campus is available to all UIW students.

Research Synthesis Paper

You will also be given specific guidelines on Canvas for developing the paper/thesis. You will work on a research synthesis paper throughout the semester on a topic you choose (e.g., emotional development, adult motivation, psychosocial development, spirituality, religion, dying and bereavement, etc.). The paper will culminate your understanding of a specific issue in adult learning and development. The research synthesis paper will display your ability to read, understand, evaluate, synthesize, and apply peer-reviewed research-based evidence in a written work.

Your peers will review your research synthesis before submitting the final document to your instructor. The finished product will be graded using a rubric that will be made available on Canvas. Check with Dr. Brown for assistance or suggestions for potential research article topics. An online shared topic sign-up area will be set up on Canvas so students can fill in their topic selection and avoid duplications in research synthesis submissions.
Length: 1200-word count** limit.

Recommended format for the paper:
1. Introduction (of your research thesis)
2. Review of the Literature (What scholarship addresses your topic)
3. Methodology (describes the study design, data collection methods, and participants)
4. Analysis/Research Synthesis (What were your findings, including the strengths and weaknesses of the studies you reviewed? Did the research support your thesis? What connections do you make with the theories presented in this course? How might you use these insights to offer a new perspective or model regarding your adult learning and development thesis?)
5. Implications (What are the implications for practitioners or researchers? What are possible applications of your research findings? How will you apply this knowledge in your work or life?)
6. Conclusions
The research paper should be prepared as if submitting it to a peer-reviewed journal. You will establish a research thesis. The article should include the standard format of an introduction, a review of the literature, an explanation of the methodologies used, an analysis/synthesis section, ending with a discussion and conclusion section. You will analyze your findings consistent with the best practices in adult education research and theory using course texts and library resources with a minimum of five high-quality academic references. Written papers should not exceed the word count limit, must be double-spaced, and should include a cover page. Please use APA 7th edition stylistics and Dr. Brown’s preference for the cover page.

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